Before and After 

Watch what happens when these dogs meet Julia for the first time, then see their response just a few minutes afterwards. 

This is Thor's first time meeting Julia of B the Leader Dog Training. See his reaction to seeing another dog while out walking. 

After 5 minutes working with Julia, Thor walks calmly and easily on the leash, even with another dog beside him. 

Kenzie came to us as a dog-reactive case. Watch the way she responds to seeing other dogs outside in the yard.

Just 5 minutes of work has a previously dog-reactive Kenzie walking calmly and quietly with her owner. This is the power of using the pack mentality and good leadership to teach and relax your dog!

This is Irish Wolfhound Soairse. She's 8 months old and reactive when one of her young owners tries to get her to sit. This biting, resistant behavior is why this family first came to B the Leader for training.
8 month old Irish Wolfhound Soairse came to us because of her reactivity and unwillingness to follow commands. This is one of the younger family members during their very first training session taking charge and doing a successful greeting with Soairse.