Behavior Training

TraininG Packages

Here at B the Leader we offer a 2-step training program that focuses on building a bond based on trust, respect, and love between handlers and their dogs. Our training methodology teaches you how to address behavioral concerns such as barking, leash pulling, reactivity to other dogs or new people, and others.

This is also a great starting point for puppies or recently adopted dogs because this program will grow your bond with your dog.

We teach a specific way to feed, walk, and play with your dog so that training is built into your daily life together.

Our program begins with a 1-hour orientation handlers attend without their dogs. In this orientation we introduce you to the techniques you’ll be learning, as well as the philosophies behind each of our techniques. The second part of the program is our 1:1 training session or sessions with owners and their dog(s). Currently serving Lane County, our experienced trainer, Julia Bowlin, provides both in-home and at-location options.                                                                                        

Package A

Includes 1 hour orientation and one 2-hour session

$200 (at our center) $325 (in your home)

Package B

Includes 1 hour orientation, one 2-hour session, and one 2-hour touch up session

$300 (at our center) $525 (in your home)